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  • “EsportsHP taught me how to combine physical training with gaming and how to cope with long, mentally challenging gamingsessions” Zackarias ”Zackey00” Johansson, FIFA pro player in Malmö FF
  • “I now know how many different factors that really affects my gaming. It is like a new world has been opened, and all different parts feel important”David ”Davve1111” Eidhammer, FIFA pro player in Malmö FF
  • “EsportsHP are specialists in esports. They work as consultants in our club. It is important to build a complete team to be able to win”Niklas Carlnén, CEO Malmö FF
  • “I am very glad working with EsportsHP. Working with them benefits me as a professional esports player”Adrian ”Era” Kryeziu, Dota 2 pro player in The Final Tribe
  • “When I started to take the health part seriously, I noticed a change. To perform at the highest level, one must feel at the highest level”Pontus ”Frost” Frost, Dota 2 pro player in The Final Tribe
  • “EsportsHP is very important for our success. We believe they are the edge we can get compared to the other teams.”Tomas ”lagarn” Nowell, Dota 2 Manager for The Final Tribe

About Us


Multiprofessional Team

Esports HP Team is a multiprofessional team made of Physio Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Dietitians and Sports Psychologists who strive to make their esportclients as healthy and high performing as possible.

E-sports Professionalized

What if someone told you that no esports team in the world are performing at their best? Most esports teams just play their game and don’t have anybody to initiate a proffessional lifestyle. EsportsHP see a potential in any team of increasing their performance.

Perfect Combination Of Skillsets

Through the combination of skillsets and a full staff of legitimized personell, together with passion and experience in gaming, EsportsHP Team is able to provide a unique service with deeper understanding and respect for the esports athlete.

E-sports Injuries Are Growing

As esports is a rapidly growing industry, more esports players than ever are suffering from strain injuries and diseases, although very few of them getting the help they need in terms of injury prevention and rehabilitation… This is also where we come in.

Meet The Team


Oskar Hemby

Leg. Occupational therapist

Ergonomics and Environment


Ulf Wahlqvist

Leg. Physiotherapist

Rehab and Management


Staffan Ekefjärd

Leg. Physiotherapist

Rehab. Specializing in Upper Body


Nicholas Levak

Leg. Dietitian

Dietetics and Esports Performance


Jakob Nowell

Esports Psychologist

Psychology within Esports Teams



Malmö FF E-sport

2019-01-01 - In progress
The Final Tribe

The Final Tribe

2018-04-01 - In progress

Our Services

EsportsHP Academy

Four online webinars with four different health professionals: Physiotherapist, ergonom, dietitian and sports psychologist, all with a focus on esports, using their expert competence teaching you how to reach the best health and performance possible within each subject.

Online Consultation

Get consulting from any profession in the team. Need help with the rehab, ergonomics, painreducing, mental coaching or dietics? Book an appointment for up to 60 minutes and get help with any esports health- and performance related subjects.

© EsportsHP Team Screening

Our very own customized screening survey, answered by the players, and analyzed multiprofessionaly by EsportsHP. Get a holistic view of your teams health & performance and a full report on what can be done to optimize your teams health and results.

Live Intervention

A physical appointment. This is sometimes needed for more advanced interventions such as advanced overviews or treatments. Often meeting live is necessary for best possible intervention.

EsortsHP Working Model

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