Bringing out the best in professional gamers

We take your esports career to the next level with our multiprofessional team

Multiprofessional Team

Physiotherapists, sports psychologists, ergonoms & dietitians.

Great knowledge

Everybody in the staff is legitimized with several years of education.

Esports Professionalized

The team has years of experience in working with professional gamers.

Friendly Staff

100% positive feedback from all teams EsportsHP has been working with!


EsportsHP Academy

Four online webinars with four different health professionals for the complete knowledge package!


Online Consultation

Consulting from any profession in the team. Book an appointment for up to 60 minutes.

EsportsHP Screening

Our own customized screening survey, answered by the players & analyzed by our team.


Live Intervention

Often needed for more advanced interventions such as advanced observations or treatments.


What our customers say

Zackarias "Zackey00" Johansson, MFF Esport

– EsportsHP taught me how to combine physical training with gaming and how to cope with long, mentally challenging gamingsessions.

Rasmus "Redgroove" Larsson, Chaos E.C

– Just finished our last bootcamp session with Esportshp.
This has been the best and most productive bootcamp so far in my career.

Pontus "Frost" Frost, Godsent

– When I started to take the health part seriously, I noticed a change. To perform at the highest level, one must feel at the highest level.

Filip Ahlstrom, Manager MFF Esport

– EsportsHP has helped us to always strive for perfection. We at Malmö FF strongly believe that the health aspects of e-sport is crucial for long term success. After working with EsportsHP for a year we were crowned swedish champions. Enough said.

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Meet The Team

Through custom made group- and individual programs, the clients reach their best possible level while having fun

With great feedback & experience, we at EsportsHP know how to professionalize an esports team and have fun at the same time.

Meet our team


The Final Tribe


2018-04-01 - In progress

Malmö FF E-sport

2019-01-01 - In progress
The Final Tribe

Chaos Esports Club

2019-08-01 - In progress

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