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What can our different professions help you with?



Diseases, pain and strain injuries are becoming a common problem within the esports scene. Our physiotherapists have the tools to examine these problems and fix them before they happen. In some cases the damage has already been done and this is where EsportsHPs physiotherapists use right treatment to make the player able to play again.


Acupuncture and other muscle treatments can sometimes be vital for a long and healthy esportscareer. It might look scary, but it’s not as dangerous as it looks!

Training Programs

EsportsHPs physical therapists examines your team and determines a team- or individual customized training program. The program is intended for maximum health and in-game performance.


Physical tests can be done to see if you got what it takes to be a real healthy esports player. EsportsHPs physiotherapists are folowing some standards to calculate if your physical body needs a buff to be able to perform and feel better.


Ergonomic Intervention

EsportsHPs ergonom will make physical and psychosocial observations and occupation analyzis in the gaming environment, securing a healthy and high performing environment. After the observations and analyzes the ergonom adjusts the environment or you will get tips of how you should adjust them for optimal esports health & performance.

Button Config Intervention

Many players do not use the right, most effective and healthiest button configurations when playing. This, in a long run, can lead to devestating strain injuries. EsportsHPs Ergonom observes you in action and sets up a plan for changing your gamingstyle to a less harmful and more effective one.

Esports Psychology

Sports Psychology

EsportsHPs Esports Psychologist knows how to help esports teams and players get the perfect state of mind while gaming. This can often be the difference if you win or lose. The Sports Psychologist can work with group processes and dynamics, leadership coaching, coping strategies, concentration exercises, mental preperation for tournaments and much more…


Dietetic Programs

EsportsHPs dietitian will assess and create dietic programs both in critical moments and for enhancing the health and in-game focus over time. Since every human being is different there is often a need for custommade nutrition programs for best effect. These dietic programs can be done for both groups and single individuals.

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