Stage 1: Assessment

The assessment phase begins with our multi-professional online screening, where each player in the team answers to the health and performance questionnaires. These questionaires takes between 15-30 min to answer and they are the base of all further cooperation. After this, all data is analyzed between all professions in EsportsHP in an individual and a group level fasion. The analysis is followed up with some meetings with players and coaches to solve any uncertainties. This results in a full report containing vital information of every subject relevant for the teams health and performance: What is good, what the team needs to work on and what EsportsHP can help with.

Stage 2: Intervention

When EsportsHP, together with the client, has agreed on a working plan, the cooperation begins for real. This is where every flaw that has been found from EsportsHP screening will be fixed and/or improved by any expert within the subject. The work here is treatments, workshops, lectures and other interventions. All done to improve the teams or players health and performance. During the intervention stage, continuous follow-ups are made to ensure that the client stays on the right track.

Stage 3: Evaluation

After 4-6 months, the work will be evaluated. Each player in the team gets to answer the EsportsHP screening once again to see which areas were improved and where there is still room for improvement. Depending on the assessment of these results, a new working plan is initiated.