©EsportsHP Team Screening



Our very own customized screening survey, answered by the players, and analyzed multiprofessionaly by EsportsHP. Get a holistic view of your teams health & performance and a full report on what can be done to optimize your teams health and results.


  • Team Overview
  • Enhancement Report

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©EsportsHP Team Screening

Team Overview

©EsportsHPs Team Screening is a custommade, esportsinfluenced survey that every player in the team answers. The screening gives a comprehensive view of topics such as pain, exercise, diet and team mentality. When every player has sent their screening answers to EsportsHP, the Multiprofessional Analyzis can begin. The concrete outcome from the Multiprofessional Analyzis is a complete overview of the teams health & performance

Enhancement Report

©EsportsHPs Team Screening and the multiprofessional analyzis leads to a full report on group and individual basis. The report gives a full disclosure in which subjects where improvement potential exists and what the team needs to do to reach maximum health and performance.


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